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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My husband hates his "new size"

So, when we we out shopping the other day at one of our local food stores, my husband wandered off to "look at some shit".  Yeah, I've Americanized him enough so that he now says "and shit" after quite a bit of things.  Actually, its not really my doing, its Jay from Clerks II's fault.  You know, that part where he says "I wish I had done more with my life than stand outside places and sell weed.  Maybe I'll be an animal doctor. Yeah.  I like seals and shit!"  Its one of our favorite movies, and we quote from it all the time.  So, anyway...back to the story..

So, he's checking out his stuff, and I come up behind him and ask him what he's looking at.  I find that he's looking at these pullover sweater type things and he says that they are  "not too bad".  I said, "well, for the price, you should totally get one. You need another sweater".  He does, so I wasn't just stroking him.  Then he says "naw, they only have XXL's".  Ha ha..being a girl, I know that not all sizes are what they SAY they are on the tag, so I said "why don't you just try one on"...he's like "NO...I'm NOT an XXL".  I said "would you just try it on, not all sizes run the same and this might FIT like a Large".  Yeah, even I don't believe that one, but he tried it on.  It was PERFECT.  So, I told him it was fantastic, looked great and he should get it.  He says "The sleeves are too long". They might have hit his knuckles, but barely.  So, I asked the couple walking by "Does this sweater fit him?" The woman looks and said "Yep"...her husband?  "Sure does"...MY mature husband growled at them...! So I asked him if he was going to get it, and he said "No".  I then asked him if he was not buying it simply because of the size thing, and he said "no...I don't really like it after all".  Yeah, it was ALL about the size issue, the big baby.

The fact of the matter is, is that my husband has somehow found some of the weight that I've lost since we've gotten married.  I think he looks wonderful, and tell him on a daily basis, but he's SOOOO conscious about it that I feel a little bad.  However, you can't take the German out of a German man, so the next time he cracks a beer with his schnitzel, I'll lean over and pat his beer/schnitzel belly and tell him I love him.  I then will get the "double whammy"....two middle fingers, straight up, with a devil grin on his sexy face(oh yeah,complete with dimples)...

Goodness....I've got to stop talking about him...he's adorable...belly or not! ;-)

Question:  Do any of you NOT buy something simply because its "not your size?"


  1. Not any more. Now I just get stuff that fits no matter the size. At this point in my life I'd rather be comfortable than stylish any day and the ironic thing is that buying clothes that actually fit look better anyway.

  2. Sarah, I'm right there with you. It's hard to find clothes right now that don't make me look like: a) an old lady, or b) a " teeny-bopper" (my mom's words). When I find something that is both cool, and age-appropriate, I buy it, regardless of the size.