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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a football with it..

So, I just got home from school and as part of my way to decompress I watch a little American TV.  I've gotten into Dancing With The Stars and I'm horribly addicted to Glee, so I pull up the recent episodes online that people have graciously uploaded for my viewing pleasure.  Thank GOD for them, because I'd probably go crazy if I didn't have at least a LITTLE "normal" TV.  That means television that I can understand..aka...not in Deutsch.

So, I'm watching who got kicked off real shocker that Margaret Cho got the boot, but I'd hoped she would stay around because I dig her as a comedienne.  And, I still think that The Situation(really?  He's no situation, thats for sure) is far worse than she was, but whatever.  Then I watched last nights' episode of Glee and cried like a baby almost the whole way through it.  Yeah, it was a tearjerker, but these days with my hormones up and down, I could step on an ant and sob like a child who got her ice cream taken away.  Oh hell, I cry as an ADULT if you take my ice cream away!  Anyway..I digress...

So, while I'm watching my shows, I am scanning the news on and I see a story about Randy Moss possibly being traded BACK to the Minnesota Vikings.  Some of you might know, or not know, but I was born and raised in MN and The Purple People Eaters are in my blood.  Good, bad, so so...its all good..I adore them.  Even in what I call the "black years"...Les Steckle...Tommy Kramer.....pretty much the entire decade of the 80's was very rough for my Vikes, but I always stood by them.  And, I will tell you, there isn't a year that goes by, no matter where I've lived, that I find someone random that is a Vikings fan.  LOVE IT when that happens...makes me believe that there ARE good people out there after all..ha ha I read the teaser about it saying that it is "in the works"...then I do more investigation and PFT says that there is "no confirmed information" that the trade is going to take place.  So then, what do I do?  Do I go to  Nope....I go to Facebook where I see a family member posting that it is confirmed and not exactly done yet.  THERE!  Validation!  Is is messed up that I calmed my nerves by reading it on FB?  Yeah, probably, but it did give me more time to go back to and there is was:

We got him!

You can go and read it yourself, but looks like the Prodigal Son is coming back home.  Am I happy?  Well, between him and Brett, I'm hoping they can work some magic and give a SB win to Brett on what WILL be his last year playing, and finally bring the Lombardi trophy to MN, where we've ALMOST won it FOUR TIMES, but have yet to actually have it in the MN borders.  Fingers crossed...

So, there you have it...I'm a football chick...;-)

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