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summer in germany
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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm a horrible blogger..'d think that since I was off of school for a whole month that I'd blog every day, right?  Well, truthfully, nothing all that interesting happened during my break, and I'd rather not post anything than bore you all to tears.  "You all" gives the impression that there are a LOT of you reading and waiting on bated breath for my next update, which is a little narcississtic(I always have to say that word out loud 4x because it just seems like there are too many "s" in it...) but I'm hopeful. I'm back in school, but only 2x a week, so I figured I'd better get off my pregnant hiney and write something or all 6 of you might just "unfollow" me.  I'm going to just write about random things and thoughts so it might be a little disjointed, but try to keep up.  Here goes..

So, I'm at the grocery store the other day, and I sent my husband in for a couple things while I waited in the car.  I can be lazy like that, but seriously, it doesn't take TWO of us to get milk and celery(ok..he came out with beer, milk, celery, chips, ice cream and some other stuff).  So, I'm sitting there and the parking garage is right up against a pedestrian walkway and beyond that, there is the train station.  Sometimes you can see some shady characters sitting on the benches, but for the most part, they keep to themselves.  However..on this sunny day a man walks past our car, across the grass and the path, and goes stand close to the very high hedges seperating the walkway and the next parking lot.  He then proceeds to urinate.  Oh yes....whips out the Johnson and goes.  Broad daylight, busy section of town, and does his business.  I sat there with my mouth hanging open and was stunned.  He zips up. and nonchalantly walks away.  I couldn't help but think "why didn't he just go into the store and use the bathroom there?".  I've used the restrooms at the market and they are quite nice, so I was confused as to why he wouldn't use them.  My husband came out and I was appalled by what I saw and he was like "well, yeah, I guess he had to go".  WTH?  He then proceeds to tell me a story about his buddys' Father who, while working out in his own garden, would walk across the street to pee in the neighbors hedges.  WTH??!?!!?!?  While he's telling me this, and we are driving home...I see ANOTHER man peeing in the bushes!  I just had to stop talking right there, because this was just way too much for me to handle.  I know as women, we are not made with the right equipement to just go anywhere when we have to, we just have to hold it or go where there is a lot more privacy to get ourselves arranged just right so we don't pee down our legs or in our panties.  The injustice of that bothers me sometimes, especially when I see someones' name in the snow;  I wish sometimes I could do that, too.    Does anyone else with this?

So....I think I married a closet geek.  I don't have much against geeks per se, but never thought my sexy stud husband might actually BE one.  Actually he's quite cool and suave, even when he says silly words that he makes up like "motorbicle" or when he makes fun of my love of country music.  Yes, darling, they ARE speaking/singing in English!!!  Anyway....why I think he's a geek.  Months back, we got this fancy new iMac, and while its great, super quick and pretty, I only use it for surfing, watching some American tv shows and email.  My husband can kill HOURS at this thing by "updating" stuff and "computing".  Does he look at porn?  Occasionally.  Does he play those farming games?  Oh yes...Belong to any forums?  You betcha!  But, more than likely while he's doing all of these things, he's updating something or adding some function, etc.  I told him that all this updating better be useful and not just some excuse for him to sit in front of the screen for hours at a time.  He assures me it is, so I go with it.  Computer aside,  now he has a new facet to his geekiness:  The Hurdy Gurdy.  What is a Hurdy Gurdy, you might ask:  Here it is:

The hurdy gurdy or hurdy-gurdy (also known as a wheel fiddle) is a stringed musical instrument that produces sound by a crank-turned rosined wheel rubbing against the strings. The wheel functions much like a violin bow, and single notes played on the instrument sound similar to a violin. Melodies are played on a keyboard that presses tangents (small wedges, usually made of wood) against one or more of the strings to change their pitch. Like most other acoustic string instruments, it has a sound board to make the vibration of the strings audible.

He became fascinated with this instrument some months ago and last weekend there was a weekend-long seminar on it in Wiesbaden.  He sent me a text that said "Welcome to Nerdtown!!  If you think I'm a geek, you should be HERE!".  I'm not quite sure what he THOUGHT the other people would be like, but I KNEW what he would run into,and I was not surprised.   He was King of Nerdtown for the weekend, and he's now hooked on it.  He's got another lesson in a few weeks and he and Anna are going to another weekend seminar in March.  I'll be home with a newborn who needs to eat every couple hours, or I'd be going too.  Saved by the baby!!  ;-)

So....I'm fresh off a recent appointment at the OB, and everything is great.  Baby is now too big to fit on one U/S pic, so I got 4 of them; feet, legs belly and head.  Everything with Heshe is great and she's moving around like crazy, which is a crazy feeling to have something moving like that in your belly.  Crazy in a good way, though. and its a reminder that the baby is growing and continuing to move toward February.  I'm doing great, blood pressure is perfect, no sugar in urine, and weight is the same as it was in August.  Pregnancy metabolism is amazing...I recommend it to anyone!  I go back in a few weeks for my Rh shot, and then have to have my 1 hr glucose test for my 28th week test.  Then, two weeks later I go for my exam and beyond that, its a visit every 2 weeks as we are getting down to the wire.  Its now officially less than a 100 days til Heshe comes and we just got a stroller!  Here is my babys' cool new ride:

Its a Maxi-Cosi Mila stroller with the car seat to match and fixed base that locks into the car so we don't have to fiddle with seat belts!  We got a great deal on it because the color "Olive Oil" is not popular, and since we can buy new inlays for the seat if wanted, we went with it.  Ironically, it matches the car perfectly:

No, we didn't buy to match, it just happened to match!

So, now Heshe can come home from the hospital. She might be naked as we have yet to buy any clothes or other things, but she can come home!  And speaking of...Heshe is feeling a little cramped up, telling me that its time to go and get into bed, so I'll say goodnight for now.  Hope you enjoyed the ramblings of my life....


  1. Stacy, I completely understand the wonderings about guys and peeing outside. With a 2 1/2 year now who is potty trained, I have found that ever since he discovered that he could go outside (thanks Daddy!), he loves that option. I think it is just a guy thing that they never grow out of, and yes, sometimes it makes me jealous too! Glad to hear that everything is going well with the pregnancy! Looks like heshe is stylin'! Take care, Janelle

  2. Stac, you are not married to a closet geek. He is fully out of the closet and is embracing his geekiness. He went to weekend-long hurdy gurdy seminar! There is nothing closet about that. Now don't get me wrong, geeks are the BEST (I married one too). Two of my favorite men in the world are geeks. My hubby and my uncle who was once in an accordian marching band (not ironically).